World War II Army Flight Nurses – 26 June 2015

Meet the former US Army flight nurses whom I interviewed for
Beyond the Call of Duty: Army Flight Nursing in World War II.

In 1986 as part of my research about flight nurse history and coping with war, I was privileged to interview 25 former US Army nurses about events of their flight nurse duty in World War II. Most of them are now deceased, but their stories live on in Beyond the Call of Duty: Army Flight Nursing in World War II.

The journal I kept of my time with each of them in 1986 when writing my dissertation offers a brief personal glimpse of these remarkable women. I am sharing edited versions of these journals, in the order in which the interviews took place. The actual interviews are in separate documents.

1st Interview

Grace Dunnam Wichtendahl
806 MAES Europe
29 March 1986

I visited today with Grace Wichtendahl, a resident of San Antonio, Texas. After I had experienced a restless night with bad dreams about this my first interview, Grace put me immediately at ease, meeting me in the parking lot and walking me up to her apartment, where she served coffee and cookies as we began our chat. Grace is a charming, gracious woman, very neatly dressed. Continue reading